The Way Towards Maha Darwaja of Raigad Fort, रायगड किल्ला

After climbing 1500 steps, you will reach to the "Maha Darvaja" (main door) of the Raigad Fort

The Way Towards Maha Darwaja, रायगड किल्ला

The Raigad Fort is a good example of architectural brilliance. The Mahadarwaja (Main Door) of Raigad Fort is built in such a way that the fort will stay protected from enemy's attack with the help of elephant. A curvy and narrow way prevents elephant to get inside the fort.

Way Towards Maha Darwaja

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    1. "गोमुख दरवाजा" हे शिवकालीन दुर्ग रचनेचे आणखीण एक वैशिष्ट्य. रायगड किल्याचा महादरवाजासुद्धा ह्याच पद्धतीचा आहे. वेडी-वाकडी वळणे घेत आपण महादरवाज्यापाशी पोहोचतो.