Raigad Fort History

Raigad Fort - Killa

In 1656 A.C. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj got the charge of Raigad Fort from Jawali’s Chandrarrao More. Before that from 12th to 15th century, Maratha ruled Raigad Fort. Maratha’s lost the charge of the fort in 1436 A.C. after beaten by Bahamani King Alluddin Shaha II. Later on in 1479 A.C. and 1636 A. C. AhmadNagar’s Nijam and Vijapur’s Aadilshaha ruled respectively. Aadilshaha renamed the fort as ‘Islam gad’ and hand over the charge of the fort to Siddi of Janjira.

Raigad fort is located around 2850 feets high from the sea level. The fort is situated at highest peak of Sahyadri Mountains and because of that, fort gets the protection naturally. In 1664, King Shivaji declared Raigad as the capital of his empire. Shiv Rajyabhishek (crowning ceremony of King Shivaji) is an important event in the History of India. In April 1680, the King Shivaji passed away and Aurangzeb taken charge of the fort after beating Shivaji’s son Chhatrapati Sambhaji. Again Chhatrapati Shahu’s army gets the fort in 1734. From 1734 to 1758 Peshavas ruled Raigad Fort. British Officer Colonel Prarther attacked on Raigad Fort in 1818 and destroyed most of structures including King Shivaji’s and Queen’s palaces. They got around Rs.500,000/- in form of gold coins as hoard.

Some Important Places on Raigad Fort -

Maha Darvaja - The Main Door (In Devnagari- महा-दरवाजा)
Palakhi Darvaja (In Devnagari- पालखी दरवाजा)
Takmak Tok - The Execution Point (In Devnagari- टकमक टोक) 
Gangasagar Lake – Talav (In Devnagari- गंगासागर तलाव)
Shiv Samadhi - Tomb Of Shivaji (In Devnagari-शिवसमाधी)
Nagarkhana (In Devnagari- नगारखाना)
Diwankhana (In Devnagari- दिवाणखाना)
Sihasan (In Devnagari- सिंहासन)
Ranivas - Queens Palace (In Devnagari- राणीवास)
Ashtpradhan Niwas - Minister's Quarters (In Devnagari- अष्टप्रधान निवास)
Dhanya Kothar - Grains Warehouse (In Devnagari- धान्य कोठार)
Bajarpeth - Market Place (In Devnagari- बाजारपेठ)
Jagdishwar Mandir – Temple (In Devnagari- जगदीश्‍वर मंदिर)
Hatti Talav, Hanuman Talav (In Devnagari- हत्ती तलाव, हनुमान तलाव)
Hirkani Buruj (In Devnagari- हिरकणी बुरूज)

Ashtpradhan Niwas - Minister's Quarters (In Devnagari- अष्टप्रधान निवास)
Dhanya Kothar - Grains Warehouse (In Devnagari- धान्य कोठार)
Gangasagar Lake (In Devnagari- गंगासागर तलाव)
Guaranty by Architect about Strength of Raigad Fort
Jagdishwar Temple (In Devnagari- जगदीश्‍वर मंदिर)
Bajarpeth - Market Place (In Devnagari- बाजारपेठ)
Nagarkhana (In Devnagari- नगारखाना)
Ranivas - Queens Palace (In Devnagari- राणीवास)
Sihasan (In Devnagari- सिंहासन)
Shiv Samadhi - Tomb Of Shivaji (In Devnagari-शिवसमाधी)
Takmak Tok - (In Devnagari- टकमक टोक)
Maha Darvaja - (In Devnagari- महा-दरवाजा)

This fort is declared as National Monument by Archaeological Survey of India. Now Archaeological Survey of India is taking care of Raigad Fort - Killa.

Raigad Fort History - Information in Marathi
Raigad Fort History - Information in Marathi

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